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Counselor’s Corner

Suellen Gibson

Guidance Counselor


Meet our guidance counselor, Mrs. Gibson.

She provides valuable resources and assistance to students, helping them with their academic goals, their social and personal development, and with their career development. The purpose of this online Counselor’s Corner is to provide resources in one central place.


Community Service


9th-11th Grade


Comfort levels are up, the stress of being a “newbie” is down—it must be sophomore year! But college and jobs—those seem pretty far away, right?

Well…not really. Ask any senior: the next three years will fly by.

That’s why it’s important to keep college and career goals in mind during your sophomore year. Having a can-do attitude toward the future can make all the difference in how you approach studying and involvement in activities outside of high school.

Here’s a free eBook from the college and career readiness experts at ACT. You’ll learn:

  • Which classes should be top priorities during the next three years (and why)

  • Why joining a team sport, activity, or group can impress college admissions AND employers

  • Who can give advice about where to go after high school

  • Why not to worry about the costs associated with college

  • Why setting up a college visit your sophomore year can improve your focus


Your junior year of high school is “crunch time” for figuring out what comes after graduation. This free eBook, from the college and career readiness experts at ACT, gives you useful tips, advice, and strategies for planning a path to college and career.

You’ll find out:

  • Why your school counselor is your new best friend

  • Why high school seniors are great mentors for college planning

  • Why colleges and employers love extracurricular activities

  • Which high school courses are crucial for getting into college

  • Why it’s OK not to know your future goals

  • What work skills you need if you choose not to attend college

  • Which websites will help you pay for college

    P4C & Dual Enrollment


    Sophomores are required to ride the PA bus/van to and from classes at P4C. Students must pay $30 per semester to ride the bus.

    Juniors and Seniors are allowed to drive/ride with a friend after completing the required PA P4C Transportation Form

    Authorization Form

    This one-time online form must be completed and signed by student and parent in order to take any Dual Enrollment class. 

    Login to Cavas & OneACCS

    Login here.

    Username: first initial of your first name + your entire last name + last 4 digits of  A-number@student.bscc.edu

    example: jdoe1234@student.bscc.edu

    Your username is also your BSCC student email address.

    Password: BSCCmmddyy (BSCC+your six digit date of birth in the format of two digit month + two digit day + two digit year)

    example: BSCC031201

    What to take (and when?)
    Math 116: 12th Fall or 12th Spring (2nd mini-mester), maybe 11th Spring (2nd mini-mester)

    Math 100: 12th Fall

    Math 112: 12th Spring

    PA Campus: 12th Fall

    College-bound options:

    Fall (MTH 100) and Spring (MTH 112)

    Fall (Campus) and Spring (MTH 112)

    BSCC Transcript Request

    Online BSCC transcript ordering is now available 24/7. There will be a minimal fee of $5 for each transcript requested. Payment can be made through the Credential Solutions website using a credit or debit card at the time of order.

    Step 1: Login to OneACCS

    Step 2: Select Student tab

    Step 3: Select Student Records

    Step 4: Select Order Official Transcript

    BSCC academic scholarship applications are open during the preceeding semester and can pay for up to 4 classes per year. 

    Summer Scholarships: Scholarship recipients must attend a Summer Dual Enrollment Virtual Orientation on TBA and pay $102 fees (Scholarship covers tuition ONLY, not fees)

    P4C Foundation Academic Scholarships: for CTE students

    Turkey Fundrasier for Spring tuition: Students may sell Smoked Turkey Breast or Gift Certificates. Profit from sales will be paid to BSCC. Download Form.


    Avoiding the "senior slide"

    It’s easy to “slack off” during senior year—or to get overwhelmed with all the craziness of planning life after graduation. But don’t worry! Senior year can be a great opportunity to finish high school strong. All it takes is some planning and prioritizing. This free eBook, from the college and career readiness experts at ACT®, can help by giving you useful tips for making the last year of high school count. You’ll learn:

    • Which courses you need to be ready before graduation

    • How to turn your time outside the classroom (sports, arts, volunteering) into financial aid

    • The people to see—and questions to ask—during college visits

    • How to decide which college or university is right for you (and how to pay for it)

    • The biggest mistakes students make when applying for college (and how to avoid them)

    • How to find a career path outside of college

    Senior Night Bio

    ALL Senior Athletes, Band Members, and possible Honor Seniors need to use this template to create a senior bio that will be read at Senior Nights and used for Honor Senior recognitions. This is due in essay format as a Google doc , emailed to asmart@pickensacademy.com by no later than 8/25. It can be updated and resubmitted throughout the year.

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