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Pickens Academy wants all students involved in school activities. Many options exists. Each student should take advantage of these options. Students are urged to balance their educational program carefully, so that it includes both academic and extracurricular activities. It is our hope that these opportunities will develop leadership skills, improve character, and create a desire to serve. 

Senior Class Officers

President: Jacey Parham
Vice-President: Alyssa Watt
Secretary: Sophia Papania
Treasurer: Karli Crocker
Chaplain: Lane Johnson
Reporter: Kailey Porter
Historian: Jack Lang

Junior Class Officers

President: Carly More
Vice-President: Foster Pate
Secretary: Ava Duffy
Treasurer: Emily Collins
Chaplain: Morgan Shires
Reporter: Ava Johnson
Historian: Ella Box

Sophomore Class Officers

President: Ella Craker
Vice-President: Sadee Jaynes
Secretary: Maggie Junkin
Treasurer: Lexi Ezelle
Chaplain: Brady Taylor
Reporter: Brodi McGee

Freshman Class Officers

President: Lillie Shirley
Vice-President: Mason Sullivan
Secretary: Griffin Hudson
Treasurer: Anette Zuniga-Gutierrez
Chaplain: Logan Black
Reporter: Emma Shelton

8th Grade Class Officers

President: Emma Cate Gentry
Vice-President: Braxton Allen
Secretary: Emi Watkins
Treasurer: Tyler Shires
Chaplain: Hudson Pennington
Reporter: Emma McDaniel

7th Grade Class Officers

President: Emory Craker
Vice-President: Mary Collins Alston
Secretary: Riley Bailey
Treasurer: Jaiden Thomas
Chaplain: Waverly Smart
Reporter: Lillie Holman

Pilot Club

President: Bentley Kilpatrick
Vice-President: Camryn Fason
Chaplain: Hagen Burkhalter
Member: Addy Leigh Lavender
Member: Lane Sutton
Member: Ridge Dahlberg
Member: Sawyer Junkin

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

President: Alyssa Watt
Vice President: Lily Catherine Dee
Secretary: Ella Craker

Student Government Association

Vice President: Alyssa Watt
Corresponding Secretary: Sophia Papania
President: Lily Catherine Dee
Secretary: Ella Craker
Public Relations: Brady Taylor
Chaplain: Sadee Jaynes
Not Pictured Reporter: Graceson Pugh, Treasurer: Jacey Parham

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